Digital Inverter (Home UPS)

We market inverters or smaller-rating UPS that are installed in homes, small shops and offices for the purpose of providing backup for essential loads like lights, ceiling fans, computers, refrigerators, etc. These come at the range of 500 – 2000VA and provide single-phase output power for durations lasting up to 8 hours.

Microtek UPS 24×7 HB 1125 VA

Microtek UPS HB 1125VA is a Superior Product that comes with Multiple Features such as an In-Built Bypass Switch and Battery Gravity Management. Being Pure Sinewave UPS, it does not create any Humming Noise and is recommended for running all Sensitive appliances.

Microtek Sinewave UPS SEBz

Microtek UPS EB range is the largest selling series under the Extended backup external battery UPS systems. It is loaded with user-friendly features like a Voltage range selection switch and can be operated from a standard range to a narrow range voltage.

Cruze 2kVA

Homes and commercial establishments have higher power needs. Also, frequent power cuts can hamper the overall performance of the appliances. Luminous Higher KVA offers high quality and reliable power backup solutions for running an office and sensitive pieces of equipment. It has comprehensive protection against short-cut, battery over-charge and many more.


Luminous Zelio Home UPS is India’s most intelligent Home UPS with features such as power back-up time display in hours & minutes, hassle-free battery water level maintenance, MCB protection and is equipped with a bypass switch which keeps supplying output from Grid even in case of Home UPS faults. 

Eco Volt+ 1050

EcoVolt is a pure sine wave Home UPS. It is equipped with features like intelligent water level indication that helps track battery water levels without any hassle. The low harmonic distortion makes this Home UPS practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and helps save on electricity bills. 

Eco Watt+1050

The EcoWatt series is the No. 1 selling Home UPS product of Luminous. It is built with advanced PCB programming, microprocessor and FSW transformer, making it highly efficient. Also, it does not create any humming noise and consumes less power.

Brainy Eco 1100 VA Intelligent Solar Home Inverter

If a solar inverter can be termed as the best hybrid solar inverter, the crown would go to Brainy Eco 1100 VA Intelligent Solar Home Inverter. It can work as a normal as well as an off-grid inverter.

Exide Pure Sine Wave – GQP

Arguably the most sophisticated pure sine wave inverter, Exide Pure Sine Wave – GQP, is known for its 3 stages auto-sense intelligent control charging as well as auto smart protection. It guarantees a steady grid quality power required to keep electronic gadgets safe.


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