Leading UPS Dealers In Karunagapally

Leotec Power Solutions, with its diverse customer base, have established itself as a leading UPS dealer in Karunagapally who the customers can entrust for their power management and electrical appliances requirements for over a decade. 

Our vision is to be the all-inclusive UPS dealer in Karunagapally who can be approached for all the backup power requirements. Our choices of UPS, inverters and batteries include various models from well-known brands as Microtek, Hi-Power, Solar UPS, APC, Su-Kam, Exide, SF Sonic, Amaron, Amco, etc., that are market leaders for their high efficiency and long-lasting performance models. We focus on presenting reliable yet energy-efficient power solution products to our customers.

At Leotec Power Solutions, it is our promise to our customers to evaluate the products and services we offer in Karunagapally to continually deliver a competitive edge be it quality, reliability or cost. Our support system has always been our staff who are technically competent and are entirely dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing the best of service.

We are committed to providing customer satisfaction by means of quality products and services that have enabled us in building a dependable customer base in Karunagapally. It is our goal to strive and fulfil the commitment we have towards delivering absolute customer satisfaction and at the same time be the favoured choice while it comes to quality UPS in Karunagapally.

Our wide range of products for Karunagapally includes Digital Inverter / Home UPS, Online / Offline UPS, Solar Water Heater, Solar Panel, Solar Street Lighting System, Grid Tie, Off-Grid, Stabilizer, and Batteries from leading brands which are suitable for both industrial and residential applications.

At Leotec, we put our best foot forward into introducing new products to the market and make it viable to respond suitably to our customer’s specific UPS requirements. With our far-reaching sales and service network in Karunagapally and a whole range of power management products, we stand to be an all-in-one provider of UPS in Karunagapally that is supported by knowledgeable personnel.

In the current world where the dependency on electric items has increased multifold, protection of the devices from frequent abrupt power fluctuations have become of utmost importance. As leading UPS Dealers in Karunagapally, we ensure the customers a relentless shopping experience for their unique power solution requirements. We make sure to stock a broad range of UPS’s from leading brands, which includes Home UPS, Offline as well as Online UPS for high-efficiency performance. We consider it a part of our ideology to make it easier for the customers to meet their power solution requirements by providing all types of UPS’s under one roof. 

Inverters and home UPS have become an essential part of our household as an uninterrupted power solution. As prominent UPS dealers in Karunagapally, we offer a diverse selection of inverters and home UPS to the customers to suit the varied requirements depending on the type of power solution they are looking for. New age Online UPS systems are equipped with microprocessor controls to make them more reliable. The input voltage range it supports ranges from 110V to 300V. Online UPS is also compatible with generators. 

Online and Offline Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems, where the choices range from a relatively small number of 500VA up to huge systems surpassing 100kVA. Being the distinguished UPS dealers in Karunagapally, Our stock includes both conventional as well as modular rack-mounted UPS. With a clientele comprising of various types of requirements like that of offices, data centres, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing industries, etc., backup power is essential for critical equipment like computers, hospital equipment, security systems, etc. With a varied customer base, the requirements vary as well. Hence before choosing a UPS in Karunagapally, be mindful to understand the requirement of power for uninterrupted operation of the devices at home/office.

Having placed ourselves as energy solutions experts in Karunagapally, it is our goal to lead Leotec power solutions to a trusted name when it comes to power management. Being a wholesale dealer of prominent brands of Inverters and UPS like HPC, Microtek, APC, Su – Kam, Crompton Greaves, Xenon, Usha, and Whirlpool furthermore Batteries like Exide, SF Sonic, Amaron, Amco, Okaya, and Prestolite, we leave no stone unturned in being the power solution expert in Karunagapally, that can be trusted with.