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Highly efficient and with an outer body made of Zinc Alum Sheet, Alpha is highly efficient and powerful.

Rust Proof Body

The high grade engineering plastic material makes the outer body weather proof, durable and corrosion resistant.

Duronox inner container

Specially treated inner container ensures durability and resistance against corrosion. It comes with a 5 year replacement guarantee.

Puf insulation: saves energy

Hi-density injected PUF insulation ensures best result in every season. PUF with insulation properties is twice as effective as any other insulation material, helping in maximum heat retention.

High energy absorption vacuum tube

Racold vacuum tube of 1800 mm length, in keeping with international standards ensuring optimum energy absorption and higher efficiency

Sun max reflector

SUN-MAX individualized V shaped reflectors ensure 85% reflectivity of sun rays on to the tube, maximizing product efficiency.